Internet Applications

Our product offering comprises the following ready-made internet applications which can be customized to  meet the specific needs of our clients:
  • NET Tradea comprehensive IT solution for sales and inventory management in multi-division companies with a complex distribution network.  It can be configured as a typical e-commerce system, as well as a management tool in multi-level, complex organization structures. 
  • NET Landlorda real estate management system, supporting all functions typically associated with commercial space rental (presentation of space offered for rent, drafting renatl agreements, tenant billing and rent collection) and document management within a real estate management business.
  • NET Manager – a specialized tool for document and project management within professional services firms, such as legal firms, management consultants and IT system developers.  Designed to facilitate ISO quality management procedures. 
  • NET Broker – a comprehensive management system for financial products distribution networks.  Its extensive functionality supports a variety of financial products, including consumer credit, insurance and leasing.  It is widely regarded as the best product in its category.  
  • NET Trainer – an e-learning system for both participants and providers of corporate training programs.  An invaluable skill management and human capital development tool for a large multinational and a growing local business alike. 
  • NET Spot – a specialized digital signage management tool for distributed networks of TV monitors with centralized control of advertising content (text, graphics, film) and video/computer hardware in individual locations.
All our applications have been designed and developed in an internet application model which supports distributed access to centralized systems of data processing and storage.  Simplicity, swift implementation and immediate deployment of upgrades are just a few benefits of IT systems designed in this model. 

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