ISO 9001:2000
Standards for quality management systems have been developed by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) and are widely recognized as ISO 9000 series standards. 
They may relate to any area of business activity.  Their primary role is to define business processes within an enterprise and assign them to the staff members with a specified set of roles and responsibilities.  In order to demonstrate an organizations’s conformance with the ISO standards it is necessary to present a set of documented procedures regulating the major activities within the organization and to make evident that they are applied in practice.  
Our ISO 9001:2000 certificate confirms that our quality management system is consistent with the ISO standards.  We belong to an elite group of companies with an ISO-certified project management system, which we view as an important part of the value adding chain of our group. 
An audit of our system by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance has attested to its conformity with the standards, placing a high note on both the policy and practice of quality management within B4B.
B4B’s own NET Manager provides the necessary administrative tools in everyday support of our quality management activities, inclding planning, organizing, controling and reporting.

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