NET Trainer
Management of human capital is increasingly associated with assessment of the overall company requirements in respect of training needs, sourcing of appropriate training programs and assessment of individual development needs.  This seemingly limited scope of duties may become a problem for firms, even the small ones, with highly qualified staff.
Even fifteen employees participating in training courses, either formally required or those planned within the framework of the overall employee development program create a complex set of relations.  Their management requires a significant amount effort.  In large corporations with hundreds and thousands of employees, the task of staff training becomes a serious challenge, which can be addressed only with the proper set of tools.
NET Trainer is our response to those needs.  It provides all the functions required to serving the needs of both the trainees and HR managers within the coporate environment.
NET Trainer comprises the following functional modules:
(a)     Learning Content Management System (LCMS), supporting:
  • learning material and program development processes,
  • program/course delivery,
  • management of data base of learning materials and corporate traininig program catalogue;
(b)     Learning Management System (LMS), servicing:
  • learning and auxiliary processes, including access to training materials in an on-line and off-line mode,
  • learning process management (course planning, course catalouge maintenance, reporting course delivery and trainee performance, evaluation of courses and their participants),
  • creation and maintenance of training profiles of employees;
(c)     Portal Administration (PA) – supports ongoing maintenance of an internet portal, which is an access platform to the system, including:
  • ongoing monitoring of the system,
  • defining usage parameters of the portal,
  • reporting on system performance.
NET Trainer supports remote access to corporate training resources, which is particularly important to mobile employees.  Our system does not create rigid participation schedules for trainees but offers a large degree of flexibility in selecting both the timing and the format of learning.  On the other hand, it provides employers with a full set of functions for effective corporate knowledge management. 
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