NET Manager
Projects implemented in service companies are typically associated with task planning and execution as well as with creating documents.  Service firm management is then a process of task coordination and review of documents co-created by a number of specialists.  The standard project management tools only to a limited degree respond to these needs.  Their functionality is focused on resource planning and to a lesser degree on document processing.
Our analyses of professional services firms cooperating with us led us to the conclusion that there is a need for a specialized IT system focused on document processing.  NET Manager is the product of our analyses.  It supports a number of functions supporting project and document management in legal firms, IT developers, accounting offices and consultancies.
NET Manager provides a set of functions complementing a quality management system in a professional firm.  Its use as an ongoing support tool for company management allows for:
  • effcient task planning and implementation control with graphical presentation of project time schedules,
  • document processing centralization and efficiency improvement,
  • safe and direct communication both between firm employees and with external parties (clients, subcontractors) involved in the projects,
  • tracking of client contacts (mini CRM),
  • corporate registry management (eg.  computer hardware, office equipment, software applications).
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