NET Landlord
Real estate management is becoming one of the most demanding professions in terms of the required level of both technical and formal qualifications.  The skills and qualifications of real estate management professionals are only rarely matched by the scope and degree of sophistication of tools available to support such managerial activities as planning, organizing, recruiting, supervising and controlling.  The lack of up-to-date and properly aggregated information creates challenges out of otherwise simple tasks.  A success in this environment can be associated to the same extent with hard work and intuition as with a good luck. 
Our analyses of information needs of real estate managers created a basis for defining the functionality of NET Landlord, which automates the typical managerial tasks associated with all stages of rental life cycle.  It comprises marketing (presentation of properties offered for rent, generation of rental offers), sale (rental agreement drafting, registration of the tenant, rental agreement and rented space), ongoing administration (maintenance of technical resources and equipment inventory, financial settlements with tenants, document processing) and rental agreement termination.  A number of analytical functions support decision making and performance assessment at each phase of the cycle
NET Landlord is an effective promotional tool for all commercial real estate (office, warehouse, retail) because:
  • it creates graphical presentation of the space offered for rent,
  • it provides direct access to information through the Internet,
  • it makes it possible to instantly update an existing offer.

NET Landlord  is also an excellent managerial tool:

  • it provides fast and easy access to information on the real estate properties under management, supporting effective decision making,
  • it automates all important functions associated with property management, including customer services, supplier relations and internal reporting,
  • it formalizes information processing, interchange and storage in a real estate management companyand creates standard customer service procedures,
  • it involves the tenant in the management of the rented space, supporting ongoing access to the documents and reports associated with the rental agreement,
  • it offers billing and account collection capabilities.
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